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Membership Report - May 2019
The membership is at 85 paid up members for 2018. In order to increase the membership, an incentive is now in place. If you bring in a new member to the club, you will get next years dues free. So invite a friend to the meets, it can save you money. The Dues have been increased to $15.00 a year. This is due to the web site monthly fees and the increased cost of printing and mailing the newsletter. These dues are for the local chapter only. The dues for the national club are separate from the local chapter. We are collecting for the 2019 season. Please look at your label on your newsletter. You will see a date in the upper right corner. This is the month and year that you have last paid your dues. Your dues will be up for renewal one year after this date. “If your label is blank, your dues need to be paid”. Also a note on membership, to be a member of a local chapter, you must be a member of the national club.

Thank you to all who have paid the 2019 dues so far!

​PLEASE NOTE: If you change your address, phone number, E-mail address, etc. please let me know. For those who still need to pay, please mail your checks to the address provided below.

Murray Langer
507 17th St. SW 
Owatonna, MN 55060-3827
Email - gopherchapter@q.com
Phone - 507-451-0054

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Treasurers Report by Murray Langer
May 2019

                                2018 Dues                                                         $1485.00
                                Money for Stamps, Meet Expenses, Et           ($1,058.28)
                                Money for Web Site                                            ($405.00)
                                Money from 50/50 raffles                                     $296.00
                                Money from Dan Wyman Raffle                             128.00
                                Money from Bob Peterson Motor Raffle                 $30.00
                                Money from Dean Haynes Motor Raffle                 $22.00
                                Bank Fees                                                             ($65.00)

                                Total for 2018                                                   $2,915.72

                                2019 Dues so far                                                  $735.00
                                Money for Web Site                                             ($380.00)
                                Money from 50/50 raffles                                      $140.00
                                Money from Tate Haynes Raffle                             $55.00
                                Money from Little Falls Raffle                                 $29.00
                                Bank fees                                                               ($15.00)

                                Total for 2018 so far                                         $3,479.72
                                2020 Dues so far                                                  $150.00
                                21-27 Dues so far                                                 $105.00
                                Total for 2020-2027 so far                                $3,734.72